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Life is crazy. Just when you figure it out you get thrown for a loop that makes you need to recalibrate. While my latest “loop” doesn’t have a proper manual, i’m committed to the following things to best support a new chapter and challenge i’ve never felt before… And I think that warrants focus in the new year.

This is likely TMI, but it’s an opportunity to be held accountable in my pursuit. While I’m typically pretty private on this stuff, I’m feeling compelled.

Finding My Peace: an honest inventory of my mental health challenges. (An external exercise)

NOTE: I will likely alienate or piss someone off for this. But for me the most important thing for me right now is to articulate where i’m at, openly, in an accountable way that might inspire someone else to get out of the depths i’ve been in lately. At the very least, this is a point of reference for me that I hope to look back in 6 months and say “damn dude, you’re way better off.”

NOTEx2: This is not a plea for help. This…

99% of the time growth doesn’t require more staff. (Growth Notes: Episode 2)

In this episode, we discuss the ways that companies can scale internally with a little bit of process and framework definition. We also go on a tangent about the “building blocks” we’re focused on and the ways we’re tackling those challenges.

Also, definitely listen until the end. There’s a nice little surprise in there for you ;)

Dave Paprocki and Steve Peele II let us in on on one of their late-night phone calls. Join them as they “nerd out” on growth and talk about why it’s just as important to try tactics you don’t know as it is to lean on ones you feel confident in. Getting out of your comfort zone fosters growth in real life; professional growth is more different. (Starting at minute 10, Steve drives through the middle of Indiana and cuts in and out a little. Don’t worry, it doesn’t last long!)

Let’s face it. Crafting great content takes a lot of time.

When you add to that the strategizing, researching, revising, promoting and repackaging that all play a huge role in content marketing, you’ve got yourself a full-time gig. Even full-time content marketers (me!) feel like there is simply not enough time in the day to create the ideal quantity of quality content.

For people who do content marketing as a part of their marketing role, the temptation is to follow a “something is better than nothing” mantra and forsake quality or depth, share content erratically or ignore it altogether. But…

Growing up, I felt pressure or an unspoken “understanding” around how my path should look in life: do well in high school, pick a degree, graduate, get a job, start a family, etc. It seems as if, from the moment I was conscious, I was taught to subscribe to a journey that was pre-defined for me.

As we all know, there are a lot of twists and turns along any path — many of which are jarring and completely unexpected. …

Building a Guild

Back in medieval times, somewhere between slaying dragons, storming castles and throwing back ale, people with similar crafts formed guilds. More than anything else, banding together and learning from others guaranteed quality.

Now, when you hear “guild,” you might think World of Warcraft. In this extremely popular and occasionally all-consuming game, players with a common goal form an alliance of sorts. Not only they can achieve more aggressive goals faster, but they usually have more fun (unless they invite Leeroy Jenkins).

This principle makes sense to us

An Accidental Guild

I’ll spare you the resumes (check our…

As important as it is to open-source our work, I thought it would be important to share an internal note at Astronomer. As a startup it can be super easy to get stuck in the weeds and lose sight of what we’re doing. I wanted to show some love, offer encouragement and hopefully inspire some action. We have an amazing team with amazing talents, but this message weighed heavy on my heart (Not edited):

TL;DR: let’s get it.

Slap me in the wrist if this is absurd for the general @channel but I spent a little bit of time tonight…

why I left when you sat down at the bar.

There’s an interesting thing happening in a once poverty stricken neighborhood in downtown cincinnati. Years ago this neighborhood was nationally recognized for the race riots that plagued the city and the violence that was so prevalent.

Back then, Cincinnati was notorious for the low quality of life and challenges that faced it: crime, violence, racial tension, poverty — just to name a few.

But a funny thing started happening 5–10 years ago (don’t quote me on that.) People began revitalizing the area, bringing modern housing and beautiful boutique shops to…

I just came across a post of mine that highlighted my anxiety around starting a new job and learning the ropes for the first time in 6+ years. It’s called “Moving On” and I’m so glad I wrote it. Because I think it was oddly a note to myself.

In the post I identified 3 things that scared me to death. The idea of the unknown, whether I would get along with the new team and what a radical change like working remotely would be for me.

While i’ve considered providing an update on where things are at since the…

steve peele ii

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